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Here are the characteristics of INVEST-PRO, our software for real estate investment analysis:

  • Completely stand-alone (does not require any spreadsheet program such as Excel or Lotus) and comes with a Windows installation. INVEST-PRO works on the following operating systems Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP

  • Easy to use and designed for the experienced real estate consultant as well as for the novice;

  • Able to save an unlimited number of analyses and scenarios;

  • Allows the user to perform cash flow analyses for periods varying from three to ten years;

  • Designed for apartment buildings as well as commercial buildings, parking lots and other types of revenue-producing properties. The user can define the types of revenue;

  • Produce financial analyses with or without income tax;

  • Considers capital expenditure for any year;

  • Considers non-recurring expenses;

  • Allows for an unlimited number of dwelling and commercial units and other revenues;

  • Allows for an unlimited number of expense accounts;

  • Quickly performs sensitivity analyses;

  • Provides annual financial indicators;

  • Provides a complete financial analysis report on one page, which is easy to follow (no need to consult several pages to understand the financial results);

  • Generate statistical reports for revenue and expenses, by square foot, by percentage of effective gross revenue, by dwelling and by unit;

  • and

  • You can order it on-line and receive it immediately.

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