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When investing several thousands of dollars, it is essential to perform certain financial calculations and sensitivity analyses to determine the risk of a project.  INVEST-PRO is the perfect tool to perform a detailed financial analysis.  This program is sold along with our book "THE PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT".  These two tools are necessary for the real estate investor (experienced or not) or for the serious real estate broker. 

INVEST-PRO is the second generation of our real estate investment analysis software.  The first version was introduced in 1997.  INVEST-PRO is a stand-alone product (e.g. it does not use Excel or other spreadsheet programs). 

INVEST-PRO is used by investors, real estate brokers and agents, lenders and appraisers who need cash flow analyses for real estate investment projects.

INVEST-PRO is easy to use (even for the novice).  We use six data screens with information that guide the user through a logical process.  Use the links at the top of the page to consult the data screens.

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